RFP not the best way to evaluate cloud-based solutions

24 August 2016

Procurement of IT systems and services follows a very established process, especially for medium and larger businesses. The RFP (Request for Proposal) is a cornerstone of the process, and for good reason. However, evaluating solutions and shortlisting potential suppliers based on the response to an RFP is not be the best way to choose cloud-based software.


5 Considerations for your growing recruitment business

Gaynor Webb
17 August 2016
Whilst you will no doubt have nailed your business offering by now, considering what the next steps are to create the infrastructure of a growing business could well be on your mind.  If sales are good and the phone is ringing off the hook - now is the time to give other key considerations some serious thought to ensure you have the capacity across your business to really put your foot on the gas.

How to get more for less from your mid to back office software

9 August 2016

We all want to be more efficient. We want to see higher candidate turnover and ideally higher revenue margins. This often is not the case though as the need for processing the larger number of candidates is time consuming and expensive if done part-manually or with unsophisticated and silo software systems.


A Recruitment Agency's guide to reporting

26 July 2016

Every business has a need for comprehensive and accurate reporting. The ability to analyse and understand the KPIs of your business is critical, enabling you to take timely and appropriate decisions.

The question is though, where do you start? 


2016: Our most popular blog posts so far

12 July 2016

Can you believe we're half way through 2016 already?! We hope you're able to slip away for a summer break if you're in the UK or a mid-winter getaway if you're down under in Australia.

With it being mid-year, we wanted to take a look back at some of our most popular blog posts. Take a look and make sure you haven't missed any helpful tips or advice from the etzTeam or our guest bloggers.


SaaS: 7 ways it can help recruitment businesses grow

Po-Tien Goh
22 June 2016

SaaS = Software as a Service. It's a mouthful and it's a term that's been used often to desribe the type of software provided. 

But how is SaaS different and what does it actually mean for recruiters in practical terms? Here are 7 key reasons your recruitment business can win with SaaS. 


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